"...making waves..."
Andrea Shea, WBUR (including audio)

Filmmaker explores belonging, loss in 'Islander'
Ethan Gilsdorf, Boston Globe
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"I highly recommend this movie!"
Arleen Lorrance

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"Islander is... a very straightforward, honest, and therefore refreshing drama...strong performances"
Michael Brunk, Past The Popcorn

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"A noble entry into the real world of
timeless and truly independent American cinema."
Ted Fry, Seattle Times
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"...some of the best cinematography filmed on the open water..."
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" Breathtaking ...visual poetry. The best outdoor photography filmed on the open sea."
Dave Montalbano, Deerfield Observer

"An authentic glimpse inside a commercial fishing community... captures the spirit of hard-working people"
Laura Kelly, Sun-Sentinel

"Two thumbs up!"
Steven Hedlund, Seafood Show Daily
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"An interesting look at the lives of small-town fisherman."
Connie Ogle, Miami Herald

"Markedly superior to current Hollywood fare...
Beautifully cast and well-scripted... photography is...so breathtaking"
James Verniere, Boston Herald
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"...original story... breathtaking cinematography...  infinite appeal... acting talent... there is plenty here to love"
WGBH's Greater Boston
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"Warm and heartfelt"
Wesley Morris, Boston Globe

"...'Islander' is the very best I've seen."
Marty Meltz, Portland Press Herald
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"intelligent and compelling drama"
Kirk honeycutt at The Hollywood Reporter
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"deeply felt performance"
Justin Chang at Variety.com
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"every interaction is emotionally charged"
Brent simon at Now Playing Magazine
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" 'Islander' rises to that state where lovers of good movies like to dwell"
Joan Ellis's review at joanellis.com
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"powerfully portrays lobstermen and the fishing community of Vinalhaven"
Bly Lauritano-Werner at The Phoenix Movies
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"breathtaking cinematography... It may well become a home library classic"
Laurel Brauns at The Wire
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